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April 6Abby trained our 1.5 goldendoodle. He came to her with all sorts of bad manners and now he is a brand new dog! We are so amazed with the change, and it’s all because of Abby! Thank you for all of your hard work. We couldn’t be happier!
February 19 Mary was fantastic with our boy, Samson, a year and a half old pit mix! She was so patient and fun to work with. Samson stayed with her for 2 weeks and he came back more confident, calmer and obedient. He can now walk without a leash when prior to the training walking him was a real effort. Thank you so very much, Mary!
July 23Vader completed his two week board and train today. We missed him so much while he was at training!! He did an awesome job during our wrap up training session with Abby (despite the rain) and is doing amazing at home as well. He knows all of his commands and has learned new ones. He even stayed in place while we sorted dirty laundry today, which is one of his favorite things.  This training makes an awesome dog even better! Thank you to Abby and Off Leash K9 of St. Pete! You rock!!
June 18FIVE STARS! We have a one year old 130 lb Great Dane who was formerly completely out of control. My wife and I are SO impressed with this training program–what a difference!!! Our dog came back a model citizen. We feel like we have the dog we have always wanted!! And Tesla is so happy, the training has helped him be the best dog he can be. THANK YOU we are forever in your debt, I would recommend this training program to every dog owner I know. Truly a life changing experience for our whole family. ????????????
July 10Abby trained our 2 year old lab and I never thought he could be as good as he is now! He finally listens and walks nicely, doesn’t jump on people or run across the street, and no longer eats everything off the ground when we are out on walks! Abby was so fantastic! Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication!!
February 1Buster just finished his 2 week board and train and I can’t believe the difference in him. He is so much better behaved and listens to his commands like a champ. I wish we had done this sooner. His trainer, Abby, has been wonderful!! She did and amazing job both training Buster and explaining everything to me as well. A BIG THANKS to Abby and Off Leash K9 Training!!